Monday, June 15, 2015

Aila Sai Kiran, student from India killed in Miami robbery

via CBS Miami:

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Friends of an international student pursuing his master’s degree said he was shot and killed in Little Havana on Sunday.

A witness said they heard shots at around 2 a.m. just north of SW 8th Street, west of I-95.

“We heard five loud shots. Blop. Blop. Blop. Blop,” said a witness who wished not to identify himself.

After seeing the aftermath, he said he called 911.

Paramedics rushed 21-year-old Aila Sai Kiran into an ambulance, but he died at the hospital.

What this witness doesn’t know is why an international student from India was targeted in the dark of night. “I overhead some cops saying it could have been a robbery for the phone,” said the witness.

Friends of Aila said he had only been in South Florida for about a month to get his master’s in Informational Technology. “Very quiet guy, doesn’t do anything. Simply go to college and come back,” said his friend, Ram Sheri.

Sheri said he and others are trying to get food for Saikiran’s family.

“We are helping out whatever we can help,” he said.

Meanwhile, this young man is praying for the victim’s family.

“Living through that and seeing that it happened that was an experience. Pretty scary,” the witness said.

Crime scene investigators with the City of Miami Police Department pored over the scene. So far they are only confirming there was a shooting.