Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Miami police chief and state attorney's office at odds over data on police shootings

from David Ovalle, Miami Herald staff writer
With the public and politicians clamoring for details on six fatal police shootings in Miami over the past year, the city's top cop and prosecutor are haggling -- over paperwork.

At issue: police reports, documents and other evidence that prosecutors say they need to determine if officers were justified in using deadly force.

Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito says his detectives have turned over all their reports to prosecutors. State Attorney Katherine Fernández Rundle says otherwise.

Judging from their e-mails back and forth, there's no way to tell who is responsible for the delays, or how much documentation really has been turned over.

The tit-for-tat escalated Tuesday when Exposito, in a politically charged e-mail, accused the state attorney of giving Miami Commissioner Richard Dunn a misleading list of missing police documents. Dunn quickly used the list to publicly attack Exposito.

The list was ``hastily prepared, was inaccurate, and no doubt caused [Dunn] great embarrassment in his attempt to publicly discredit me,'' Exposito wrote Fernández Rundle in an e-mail also sent to some city officials.
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