Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rapper 'Bizzle' shot and killed at Liberty City car wash

Video: WSVN-TV

-via WSVN:
Police are investigating the murder of a South Florida man who was shot and killed near his children.

On Tuesday morning, a mourner dropped off flowers at the site where Robert Labranche was murdered.

Monday evening, a gunman opened fire at the car wash near 770 Northwest 54th Street. According to police, the victim stopped at the car wash and someone shot him as his daughter and son sat inside the car near by.

Family members identified the victim as Labranche, a.k.a Bizzle or Chowtime, a well-liked Miami rapper.

Dozens of family members and friends crowded the area to pay their respects. "He don't bother nobody; he's always doing his job. He's a hardworking man," said a friend.

The victim's sister devastated by the shooting, cried out as a loved one tried to console her. "Oh my brother, they killed my brother for nothing," she wailed.

Inconsolable relatives rushed police officers and passed crime scene tape forcing officers to restrain them. "They obviously wanted to grab that family member here, they wanted to grab him one last time, possibly," said Miami Police Detective Willie Moreno.

Police said Labranche's kids were not harmed. "Fortunately, they didn't see the actual incident and they are currently right now unharmed with family members," said Moreno.

According to friends, Labranche owned part of the car wash. "He got killed over here apparently, because he was trying to save his business," said a friend.

Police are looking for a man wearing all black that fled the scene in an unknown direction.

Friends said they don't know why anyone would want to kill Labranche but they hope police track the gunman down. "Just take a look around you man, this is the love," said a friend, with arms stretched to the large crowd of people who flooded the street. "This is the love right here. That's a good guy man."

If you have any information on this murder, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a reward.

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